Maximize Your Workspace: Top Picks for the Best Welding Tables of 2023

Here, you can find the best welding tables. 

The Langmuir ArcFlat is the best welding table.

With 18 years of experience behind me, I am a mechanical engineer. For a brief period, I made continuing education courses that helped US professional engineers earn their credits. 

I wrote this article after quite a bit of searching and researching.

With so much variety, welding table selection can be confusing. Let this article handhold (support) you in picking one.

Continue reading to find the best welding table for you.

Our Overall Best

Langmuir ArcFlat Weld Table

  • Nodular cast iron material
  • Suitable for light as well as heavy-duty work
  • Modular construction
  • Free from weld spatter and wear
Langmuir ArcFlat Welding Table

Check on Langmuir website

Best Small Size Table in Price

Harbor Freight Steel welding table by Chicago Electric

  • Cheapest table
  • Foldable
  • 36 lbs. weight
  • Swiveling table top
Harbor Freight Steel welding table

Check on Harbor Freight website

Our Best Welding Tables

1. Langmuir ArcFlat Weld Table (Overall Best)

2. Harbor Freight Steel welding table by Chicago Electric (Best Small Size Table in Price)

3. Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table (Best light-weight table in small size)

4. Miller ArcStation 30FX Welding Table (Best Premium Small Size Table)

5. The NOMAD™ Economy Welding Table by Strong Hands Tools (Best small size table with height adjustment)

6. Klutch Mobile Welding Workstation (Best Trolley)

7. (Best in Customization)

8. Siegmund 1500x1000mm 8.8 Plus Series System 28 Welding Table (Best in durability)

Why is there so much variety in welding tables?

Some people would buy the best-branded PC with a killer configuration. 

Others scrounge for deals and create their computers from the cheapest materials. 

In between are middle-aged men like me who tread the middle path. My seven-year-old computer neither sprints like a hare nor crawls like a tortoise. 

The above cases make a point—variety makes up life. Isn’t it the same with welding tables?

As I said, it wasn’t easy to judge. You might say, “How can Languir beat the likes of Siegmund and Miller and Eastwood?” 

I am judging based on many factors including features and the value they bring to you. Of course, at a reasonable price. 

To know more about my decision, you have to read more than 3500 words. This is how I am proceeding. I cover Langmuir first, then I move to the lightweight tables. I take up the heavy weights last. 

Let us begin our journey.

1. Langmuir ArcFlat Welding Table

Langmuir ArcFlat Weld Table

For decades, cast iron was the material of choice for anything mechanical until steel made its debut. But there are some areas where cast iron is still the champ.

When Langmuir Systems made ArcFlat, they decided to go with nodular cast iron. 

Nodular cast iron (ductile iron) gets its name due to the spherical-shaped graphite present in the material as nodules (lumps). Due to its structure, it had better ductility and fatigue strength than traditional gray cast iron. Nodular cast iron also has good spatter resistance, and it gets better with age.


Langmuir casts the nodular cast iron using a sand mold. Then they machine all five faces (top and four sides) using CNC machines. 

Langmuir claims a surface flatness of +/-0.0075” and perpendicularity of 0.1°. With such a specification, you do not need to worry about squareness. It is going to be square.

Voids and Porosity

While they make efforts to make their tables void-free, accidents do happen. The best part is that they do not hide it but disclaim such occurrences in the FAQ section of their website. 

And let me give a summary of the cosmetic imperfections (this is what we call defects). voids/porosity, slight surface rusting (can be handled using Scotch Brite). 

Here’s a quick, handy tip that you may find useful. If you find a defect, dig it and fill it with a JBWeld Steel stick. After curing, remove the excess using a flap wheel.

You don’t have to worry about returns as they have a 12 month warranty period. Warranty is applicable if cosmetic imperfections affect performance otherwise not.

Price and dimensions

Table size is 24”x 36” (600 x 900 mm) cast iron block. 

Table height is 4” on the side, and thickness is ⅜” (9.6 mm). Below the table, there are ribs for extra strength. They help to maintain flatness.

Its weight is 145 lbs, and you can load up to 1000 lbs on it.

The height from the ground to the table top is 34.75” using their standard legs.

Manufacturing location

Langmuir Systems ships the ArcFlat from their Lakeside, San Diego warehouse. If you are close by, drive and save on delivery. But there will still be two weeks waiting time. 

They ship within the USA only.


Langmuir will send the table with corner protectors to avoid dents. They will oil all surfaces and cover them with plastic to prevent the oil from wetting the (exterior) cardboard.


The legs are optional (for a good reason). Many prefer to make their tables stand on their (self-made) legs rather than buy them. 

But if you buy the Langmuir leg kit, you will get four legs with feet (leveling) in a separate box.

The absence of cross-braced legs makes room for your feet below the table. 


ArcFlat is a modular table that allows joining tables to suit your workshop shape.

To join two tables, you must buy their precision leveling bolt kit. 

Avoid using ½” bolts—it won’t maintain the 0.0075” flatness.


For clamping, 336 holes come to your aid. They are present on the top and sides of the table. The pitch between holes is 2”, and each hole diameter is 0.630”± 0.005”.

The choice to use Langmuir Modular Fixture clamps or any standard clamp of ⅝” (16 mm) size is yours. Even the Strong Hand would do.

Check on Langmuir website.

2. Harbor Freight Welding Table by Chicago Electric

Harbor Freight Welding Table

No more welding on the floor—thank Harbor Freight.

What captures your attention is the small table size of 30 x 20 inches. This table is for small projects, light welding, or weekend tinkering. Nothing more.

And its price matches the size. 

Since 1977, Harbor Freight has been selling quality tools at quality prices.

Top table

The top thickness is 11 gauge or 3 mm. You can tilt (swivel) the top in five positions using stops.

To get an increased work surface, butt or hook two tables together and vise grip from below. Grounding the table is easy. It’s best to ground the workpiece.


The trestle-shaped legs have reinforcement and support the entire table. A trestle is a horizontal beam supported by two pairs of sloping legs and looks like the letter “A.”


Instructions are clear and concise. It assembles without a hitch, and you are good to go. 

Height and Weight

What may put people off is the height of 33 inches. If I get a chance to change anything, I would recommend 2-3 inches more. It doesn’t have a handle for pulling or wheels. And you don’t need it as it weighs 36 lbs. (16 kg).


Even though they are sturdy, you can move them with ease. When done, you can collapse it and fold it. It saves space, and for more savings, hang it on a sturdy hook on the wall.

Other uses

Besides welding, you can find other uses around the basement, yard, and garage. If you are into repairing, the table will double up as a tear-down table.

Link to Buy

If you are looking for a welding table, here is Harbor Freight

There are better tables out there, but not for this money. It is a cheap welding table. Best for beginners or DIY welders. 

Even if you build one yourself from scratch, it will be difficult to beat its price. Even a small shop with a small budget would love to have it.

3. Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table

Eastwood Welding Table

Many welders, especially beginners, who need a welding table look in the eastern direction of the USA—Pennsylvania—the location of the Eastwood company.

Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table is one of their most popular welding tables.  

Weight of the table and loading capacity

The table does not have castor wheels and doesn’t need them as the weight is 30 lbs. You can put a weight of 350 lbs on it.

Table Size and thickness  

30 x 20 inches (76 cm x 50 cm) is the welding table size. When folded, the size is 42” tall x 30” wide x 7” deep.

Once you open the table, you will find a 14 gauge (2 mm) thick table top with zinc coating. 

Four 1.1-inch wide slots run parallel to the length of the table. Of these, two are short slots.

Once done, fold the legs together and move out of the way. You don’t need to touch the bolts and take the legs apart. 


It’s slightly costlier than the Harbor Freight Welding table.

Check price on Eastwood website.

What is adjustable in the Eastwood Table?

The user can tilt the tabletop in 3 positions. 

The height is non-adjustable and stays at 32.88” or 83.5cm.


It resembles the Harbor Freight table (or vice versa).

But the main reason for the poor rating is the complaints about the unaligned holes on the legs and the poor assembly instructions. If Eastwood has to align with success, it must align itself with customer expectations.

Check on Eastwood website

4. Miller ArcStation 30FX Welding Table

Miller ArcStation 30FX Welding Table

I read that people who drive a Ford won’t drive anything else. It seems the same with Miller. 

Miller welding tables are top shelf. Even though six times costlier than Harbor Freight, Miller has its share of adoring fans who religiously follow its every product. Miller tables come from China.

Dimensions and thickness

On the table are two slots in an “X” sword-like pattern. Each is 3/4″ wide by 11 1/2″ long. 

The thickness of the Miller table is 3/16″ (4.8 mm), and there are no options for changing the thickness (non-customizable).

Table Size

The table size is 30×30 inches. The top comes quite close to a perfect flat.  It has a nice metal surface with options for clamping objects down to the top. 


With a height of thirty-five inches, it is suitable for standing work. You can fold it up, and when folded, the dimensions are L = 48″ W = 29″ D = 4″

Combining the two tables

You have an option to join two tables and increase your workspace. Maybe you don’t need the extra space now but  later the extra space does serve a purpose.


It comes with wheels as a standard attachment though they are absent in the photo. 


Its weight is 74 lbs. (34 kg), and you can load 500 lbs. (227 kg). 

Accessories (Inclusions and Exclusions)  

The only accessories that Miller supplies are the 5″ clamps that according to me are overpriced.

One thing worth mentioning is the handy holder for the gun.

Another thing to note is that both the Miller tool chest and dust tray are incompatible with this table, and it does not have a side curtain available.

However, replacement pads (part number 250151) for the legs are an option. Even though I couldn’t find them on their website, please check with local distributors.

What about spatter?

I wish more people would ask that question and the answer is that spatter from flux-cored arc welding will stick to the steel table. To avoid it one option I can give is the Arcair Protex Extra Anti-Spatter Spray.


Be careful while working with an Oxy/Acetylene welding torch as too much heat can cause warping. To avoid it, consider putting fire bricks on top of the table.


You don’t have to worry for one year as the table comes with the Miller True Blue warranty. Handle them with care, and they should last a lifetime.

Link to buy

Thousands of people trust Miller, and if you are one of them, check on Cyberweld.

5. The NOMAD™ Economy Welding Table by Strong Hands Tools

The Nomad looks like the Harbor Freight Steel welding table but is slightly costlier.

NOMAD Economy Welding Table by Strong Hands Tools


You get a tabletop size 30 inches x 20 inches (760 mm by 510 mm). 


You can swivel (tilt) the adjustable tabletop in three positions: horizontal, 30 degrees, and vertical.

Two retractable guides (along two sides) guide and clamp items.

Three clamping slots of 1.1 inches (28 mm) width run parallel to the long dimension of the table.


The thickness of the table is 2 mm. Tack welding could warp the table; use clamps and magnets instead. 


Adjustable table height is a good feature. Make it as low as 26 inches (660 mm) or raise it to 32 inches (810 mm). But the bad thing is that the maximum height is still low. 

Even though its weight is not much (44 pounds or 20 kgs), the table has castors and a handle. A good thing is the eccentric leveling knob that stabilizes the table on unable surfaces. 


Users complain about the assembly instructions. I am giving the link to the parts list and assembly instructions.

Their design will not permit you to join two tables.

If you are considering purchasing, check on Amazon (part no. is TS 3020). Made in the USA, it has a 4.4 rating on Amazon and 1-year warranty coverage.

6. Klutch Mobile Welding Workstation

Klutch Mobile Welding Workstation

It’s a cart and better than a folding table—perfect for organizing your welding. If you don’t have room or money for a Strong Hand, this one’s for you. Assembly instructions are simple, and so is the assembly. 

Table Top Dimensions

The table top is one piece (not four pieces) and 4 mm (5/32) thick. It has 16 mm holes every 2 inches for fixture setup.

Size of the table is 40×24 in (1000 x 600 mm). As goes with TV, or a computer screen, you’d wish it was bigger. 

Height – 36in (915mm)

Weight – 143 lb (65 kg)


There’s a pegboard on the side that you can use for hanging stuff. 

You can increase the space by grabbing some sheet metal and turning the middle braces into a shelf. Or a vice on top of it.

Handling and Weight

Use the firm grip handle and move it on four heavy-duty, three-inch swivel casters. No more going to work; bring the work to you. You can even add heavier castors.

There are no locks on the castors. If you need a firm surface, secure it on the floor using the built-in extendable stabilizer feet (stop bases). 

Its weight is 143 lbs. and you can put a load of up to 600 lbs.

Unique Fit-up Kit

Here’s the generous assortment of accessories with the table.

Threaded adaptor – 4

Stop base – 4 nos.

Rest button – 4 nos.

V-blocks – 8 nos.

Clamps – 4 nos.

Magnetic welding holder – 2 nos.

It’s a 26-piece metallic fit-up kit.

Bottom Tray

You can put the welding machine, bins, and other tools on the bottom tray. 

Customer Reviews

The customer rating is exceptional both on Northern Tool and Amazon.

Link to Purchase

Available on Amazon or Northern Tools, but Amazon ships faster. 

You may like it so much that you may buy another one. Check on Amazon for both purchases.

7. Industrial Welding Table – FABBLock By Weldtables

welding table from

At, you can customize tables to suit your budget.  Use their online tool for table selection.

Tab and Slot, LLC is the company name, and is their website. Certiflat is the trade name of their tables.

Types of tabletops

They have three types of tabletops.

  • pro
  • mini
  • fab blocks 

Pro Tabletop

The Pro top is HRPO (Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel) A36 Steel. HRPO steel doesn’t have the mill scale that forms during rolling. The steel mill removes the scale by dipping it in an acid bath and then coating it with oil to prevent rust. 

The PRO has a 3/16” table thickness with 2” ribs underneath for support. On the tabletop is 16 mm diameter holes that are laser cut for tight tolerance. 

The only downside of the PRO is that you cannot expand the table.

Mini Tabletop

The Mini has the same material and tolerances as the PRO but 4” ribs. You can bolt them together to make different configurations.

FabBlock Tabletop

The FabBlocks are for professional welding. They have the same material and tolerances as the Mini and the PRO but a 6” or 8” rib structure. You can choose a tabletop thickness of ¼, ⅜, or ½ inches. 

You can expand the FabBlock or Mini block with endless configurations.

Check price on Pricing is without the legs and castors. Shipping is around two weeks. 

8. Siegmund 1000x1000mm 8.8 Plus Series System 28 Welding Table

Siegmund 1000x1000mm 8.8 Plus Series System 28 Welding Table

First, they throw 45 tons of gravel over it. 

After that, they let a car fall on it from a height of 8 meters. The 1-ton car gets disfigured from its momentum, but the table stays.

When both things fail, they try to explode the table with dynamite.

Everything perishes but what remains is the indestructible Siegmund. You can’t ignore the shiny, black top surface with a pleasant, non-stick frying pan look. 

No doubt, it’s a heavyweight welding table. 

The most durable welding table in the world—that’s Siegmund’s marketing catchline.

Have a look. 

Double Hardened top surface

What is the secret of this superhuman strength?

First, Siegmund hardens them using quenching (a process better known as through-hardening or neutral hardening).

It also gets a plasma nitriding treatment. Nitriding introduces nitrogen into the surface of the metal and increases the surface hardness of steels. The resultant steel is more resistant to wear and corrosion.

After this, the table achieves a hardness of 750 Vickers on the top and 500 on the side.

Nitrided tabletop

Nitriding creates a hard exterior, but it is thin. The layer does act like a shield and prevents the base from weld spatter corrosion.

If you don’t want to lose the benefits you paid extra for, avoid welding and grinding directly on the nitrided surface.

Internal ribs prevent bending.

Types of tables

They have three series 

  • Basic
  • 8.7
  • 8.8

The last two are unaffected by weld spatter.

Table Size

The one that I reviewed is Siegmund 1,000×1,000mm Extreme 8.7 Series System 28 Welding Table. m with a top plate thickness of 1 inch (approx.). This table has a size of 1000 x 1000 x 200 mm. 200 mm is the height of the table side.

The entire assembly weighs 881 lbs. (400 kg). 

What is System 28?

System 28 represents the borehole diameter in mm. They also offer Systems 16 and 22.

This table has 28 mm bore holes (1.1 inches) in a diagonal grid that can accommodate jigs, stops, and clamps. 


Choosing a different table size is an option, the biggest being 4m long x 2m wide. 

If your needs don’t fit, they take orders for custom sizes.


There are various types of legs. Inclusive in the price that I said earlier is the standard legs. If you want height-adjustable legs or one with casters and locking brakes, you have to pay extra per leg. 

Each standard leg can take a load of 4400 lbs. The capacity per leg reduces for height-adjustable legs or one with castors.

View Siegmund

Siegmund is an active participant in various trade shows. All their global participation is present here

How to purchase?

Siegmund is imported. One way to buy Siegmund is through their agents in the USA: Quantum Machinery Group ( You won’t find Siegmund reviews on the internet.

Do you need a lifelong and long-life partner? If the answer is yes, check Siegmund.


Check price on Siegmund website. Shipping extra.

Our Verdict

As a welder, you must gather your requirements before pressing the “buy” button. Things such as professional welding or hobbyist, tabletop thickness, material, and slots will affect your decision.

My overall best is Langmuir ArcFlat Weld Table, a table that balances price with utility.


What is the difference between 2D and 3D welding tables?

You get a precision-machined top surface in 2D. In 3D, in addition to the top surface, are four precise sides.

What must be the size of the welding table?

Some welding tables are small (20 inches x 30 inches). Other tables feature a modular construction allowing you to scale as needed. Some can even have a center slot where the welder stands and welds around.

What are the advantages of Welding Tables?

There’s nothing hi-tech about a welding table. It must be a conductor of electricity, not catch fire, and be flat. If slotted, you get more options to clamp and bind the work.

There’s a health angle. Rather than working on the floor, you’re working at waist level, increasing comfort for the knees and the back.

They don’t buckle under high temperatures, suffer enough hammer blows, and you can simplify things using complicated fixturing. 

Think of a welding workstation as the foundation of a house. If it is solid, you can build on it.

With a welding table, you get a reliable assistant for holding and locating your workpieces. It’s like hiring a helping hand. 

To buy Miller or Siegmund depends on the person. After all, they are pretty personal decisions. 

Any table is great as long as you can make welds that keep you safe. And us too. 

Even if it is an old sewing machine table with a butcher block. And fire bricks and a steel plate on top of it.



Mechanical Project engineer (M Eng., C Eng.) with 8 years’ experience in the EPC industry (oil/gas/chemicals) and another 8 years experience as a mechanical chartered Engineer. Authored six books on project management, piping, and pressure vessels. Former member of American society of Mechanical engineers, pressure vessels and piping division. Acted briefly as a welding coordinator.